This year’s Pah Bah was attended by more than 150 supporters, some coming from as far away as Thailand. We were honored to have Luang Por Pasanno, Abbot of Abhayagiri and Ajahn Sudanto, Abbot of Pacific Hermitage offer us ceremony and teachings. It was a special honor to also have Ajahn Ritthi, Abbot Wat Atammayatara and Ajahn Subin, Abbot of Wat Buddha Oregon join us for the celebration. Together hundreds of supporters offered more than $130,000 at the ceremony to pay down a large portion of the loan taken to purchase the Pacific Hermitage property leaving us with only $218,663 to fund the rest. In only a year and a half, we have seen tremendous generosity arise in support of the Hermitage and we are filled with gratitude! See if you would like more details.

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