If someone asked me 17 months ago if the community would be able to provide a permanent residence for 3 monks, purchase two kuti’s and support daily alms rounds, I would have said they were dreaming. Yet here we are experiencing the open-hearted generosity of a Dhamma community both near and far excited to help support the establishment of the Pacific Hermitage in White Salmon, Washington. I have been inspired over the past 10 years by the teachings of the Buddha and the monastics who have committed their lives to learning and teaching the Dhamma. My life has been enriched by the presence of the monastic Sangha and I experience a wonderful sense of gratitude for the rare opportunity to regularly be with the monastics of the Pacific Hermitage. It is with this in mind that I, like many of you, have committed to do what we can to provide the support necessary for the long term presence of the monastics in the Columbia gorge.

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